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Passed events


Final Seminar on the sigAGROasesor project, held in Olite (Navarra) on 16 December 2015.

The Final Seminar in the project concluded 3 years’ work and was used to launch the webGIS sigAGROasesor Platform of online services, used as a Decision Support Tools (DST) in the agricultural sector.

In the opening ceremony of the seminars Juan Manuel Intxaurrandieta, managing director of INTIA, Carlos Santamaría, director of the ITG Division of that publicly-owned company and Alberto Lafarga, Head of R&D and Experimentation of INTIA, who welcomed everyone and demonstrated INBITA’s commitment to innovation, and specifically the area of webGIS guidance/consultancy,

Other speakers who presented the platform in representation of all the bodies and partners involved in the were from ITAP (Albacete), NEIKER (Euskadi), IFAPA (Andalusia), Fundació Mas Badia (Cataluña) and AEMET. They highlighted the importance of this kind of collaboration among public bodies linked to the Regions and the State Administration to develop new instruments for development, innovation and the modernisation of Spanish agriculture.
The ceremony was attended by around one hundred technical experts and representatives from companies and entities related to the agricultural sector interested in learning more about the technological platform which, in the three years of its development has been tested and validated by farmers and technicians in 25 pilot programmes and 5,000 agricultural plots.The media were also present, in the form of Canal Navarra Televisión.

The dates of the Seminar coincided with the First Award by the Fundación Grupo Siro for Agrifood Research to the sigAGROasesor platform last December 11th in the Symposium on Agrifood Research in El Espinar (Segovia)


- PRESS RELEASE (.pdf 0.64 MB)
- Programme (.pdf 0.66 MB)

Session I. Consultancy systems for the agricultural sector.
Current services and new needs in guidance/consultancy for the agricultural sector. (.pdf 1,68 MB)
Carlos Santamaría (INTIA)
General presentation of the sigAGROasesor platform of consultancy services and traceability. (.pdf 2,42 MB)
. Ana Pilar Armesto (INTIA)

Session II. Integration of knowledge for guidance/consultancy in the agricultural sector.
Sustainability indicators: Carbon footprint, Water footprint, phytosanitary products. (.pdf 3,08 MB)
Olatz Unamunzaga (NEIKER)
Knowledge management, soils, climate, risk management, the role of the Regional Administrations. (.pdf 3,31 MB)
.Ana Pilar Armesto (INTIA)
Joaquin del Valle (Government of Navarra)
Tools for consultancy and traceability: Fertilisation, irrigation, varieties and pest control. (.pdf 4,67 MB)
Jesús Goñi (INTIA)
Alberto Alfaro (INTIA)

Session III. The user of the sigAGROasesor platform in 2016 in Navarra.
webGIS platforms and services in Spain The sigAGROasesor space: offer of services in 2016. (.pdf 1,56 MB)
Alberto Lafarga (INTIA)

The Seminar started with the distribution of the Layman Report on the project. It has been available online since December 15th.

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Final Seminar of the sigAGROasesor project held on 17 November 2015 in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment in Madrid

On November 17th the sigAGROasesor webGIS platform of online services was presented in Madrid. It acts as a Decision Support Tool for the agricultural sector that allows the development precision agriculture that is more sustainable from the environmental point of view and is also more profitable.
This service platform to support agriculture is the result of the European project LIFE sigAGROasesor, which has been carried out over 3 years in 5 Spanish regions.


- PRESS RELEASE (.pdf 0.66 MB)
- Programme (.pdf 0.66 MB)

Session I. Services aimed at managers and farmers. Advice and traceability tools. Ana Pilar Armesto (INTIA). Horacio López (ITAP). Joan Serra (Fundació Mas Badia). Josefina Sillero (IFAPA). (.pdf 5 MB)
Session II. Other services related to database management and cartography
1st Paper. Success achieved in the LIFE programme. Sustainability indicators - Oscar del Hierro (NEIKER) (.pdf 3 MB)
2º Paper. Integration of knowledge, soils, climate, risk management, the role of the Regional Administrations. Roser Botey (AEMET). Fernando de la Cruz (ITAP) (.pdf 3MB)
3º Paper. sigAGROasesor at the service or researchers. webGIS platforms and services in Spain: the place of sigAGROasesor. Alberto Lafarga (INTIA) (.pdf 1,5 MB)

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Familiarisation workshops on the sigAGROasesor platform.
1º workshop. Decision Support Tools.
2º Taller. Traceability.
3º Taller. Reports and data management.

Technical seminar on agrometeoreology and the sigAGROasesor project, held on 7 October 2015 in the head office of AEMET (Madrid).

Last October 7th AEMET organised a technical seminar in its head office in Madrid on “Agrometeoreology and the sigAGROasesor project”. The aim was to provide the audience of around 60 professionals and technicians from farms with a vision of the need to develop new meteorological products such as the information that AEMET currently inputs into the sigAGROasesor project and others generated from remote sensing data that will be used in the near future in applications for the agricultural sector.

- Programme (pdf 0.83 MB)


SESIÓN I. Meteorological information needs in new applications.
- Remote sensing applied to precision viticulture. Filippo Di Gennaro. _ Institute of Biometeorology_IBIMET. CNR_ Florence (Italy). (.pdf 5 MB)
- Meteorological information needed for plant health, adaptation of pest control strategies and plant diseases. Amaia Ortiz _ Head of the Plant Health Department, NEIKER. Part I. (.pdf 2.76 MB) Part II. (.pdf 4.7 MB)
SESIÓN II. Meteorological information products for the agricultural sector.
- The sigAGROasesor project and the integration of AEMET products. Antonio Mestre _ Head of the Climatology and Operational Applications Area. AEMET. (.pdf 3.72 MB)
- Risk maps: Frosts and coldest hours. Lourdes Martínez _ Agricultural and Hydrological Applications Service. AEMET.
- Phenology database in AEMET. Roser Botey_ Head of the Agricultural and Hydrological Applications Service. AEMET. (.pdf 1.89 MB)
- Project by the SAFs network of EUMETSAT. Nowcasting SAF (NWC SAF) and Earth SAF (LSA SAF). Pilar Rípodas_Nowcasting SAF Project Manager. AEMET. (.pdf 1.52 MB)
- Seasonal Forecasting Products. Ernesto Rodriguez. Head of the Climate Evaluation and Modelling Area. AEMET. (.pdf 1.65 MB)

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Technical seminar on innovations in corn plant material ‘Mas Badia’, held on 3-4 September 2015 in Girona.

During the seminar, more than 60 professionals from different companies and official bodies from all over Spain had the opportunity to share and debate ideas on the latest technological innovations and potentialities related to the corn crop. A field visit allowed them to see the different tests that are part of the validation and calibration function of the Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that are being incorporated into the sigAGROasesor platform.


- Programme (.pdf 0,60 MB)


- The VCU-testing network of the Spanish Office of Plant Varieties (OEVV). Esther Herradón. MAGRAMA. .PDF (0.45 MB)
- Varieties’ evaluation network GENVCE. Alberto Lafarga. INTIA. PDF (8 MB)
Evaluation of corn varieties in France. Guillaume Clouté. Arvalis-Institut du Végétal. PDF (10 MB)


o Advances in genetic improvement in corn production. Improvements in tolerance to hydric stress. Alfredo Mateos. Pioneer Hi-Bre
o Analysis and perspectives for GM corn 20 years after its launch. Jaime Costa. Agricultural Engineer. PDF (4MB)
o Biogas in Italy, a brief vision of crop rotations involved after 10 years’ experience. Daniel Grandis. KWS. PDF (4MB)


o Innovation in the silo storing of corn. Gustavo García. LIMAGRAIN IBÉRICA. (3 MB)
o The microtoxins problem in southern Europe: a vision of the pathogens and defence strategies. Lepoldo Nurti. KWS.PDF (2MB)
o Presentation of the sigAGROasesor platform and tools for varieties. Ana Pilar Armesto. INTIA. PDF (4MB)

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INTIA Open Day: 20, 26 and 27 May 2015 in Navarra.

Over these days at the end of May more than 160 farmers from Navarra had the opportunity to visit the cereal demonstrations carried out by INTIA. These field visits are part of the validation and calibration process of the Decision Support Tools (DSTs) that are being incorporated into the sigAGROasesor platform. The farmers received information on the project and the brochure of the sigAGROasesor platform version v1.


- Programme May 20th(pdf 0.60 MB))
- Programme May 26th (.pdf 0.43 MB)
- Programme May 27th (.pdf 0.63 MB)

- Photo gallery:



3rd Project Workshop: INCORPORATION OF REMOTE SENSING TO IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT, held on 17 March 2015 in Córdoba.

IFAPA and ITAP organised this workshop in IFAPA Alameda del Obispo de Córdoba, attended by 80 technicians from different parts of Spain. During the workshop, both opportunities and current limitations regarding making progress in the integration of remote sensing into the management of water – a scarce resource in much of the country – were highlighted


- Programme (.pdf 0.43 MB)

Presentation of sigAGROasesor. Progress in the use of remote sensors in water management. María Paz González Dugo – IFAPA (.pdf 2.65 MB)
Irrigation tool in sigAGROasesor. Horacio López Córcoles – ITAP (.pdf 2.28 MB)
Incorporation of remote sensing into the Irrigation DST sigAGROasesor. Fernando de la Cruz Tercero – ITAP (.pdf 1.72 MB)
• How remote sensing can help in water management at different levels. Luciano Mateos Íñiguez – IAS-CSIC
• FATIMA project (Farming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water Management). Alfonso Calera Belmonte – IDR-UCLM. Vicente Bodas – AgriSat Iberia, SL. Horacio López Córcoles – ITAP
• Crop water needs for the next week. Alfonso Calera Belmonte – IDR-UCLM
• Practical applications of high-resolution thermal remote detection for the monitoring of the hydric state and irrigation in ligneous crops. Victoria González Dugo – IAS-CSIC
• Tools for the management of deficient irrigation in a context of climate change. Ignacio Lorite – IFAPA
• Time sequences of images for agricultural management. Vicente Bodas – AgriSat Iberia, SL
• Commercial use of remote sending for the management of soil-water-plant system. Alfredo Romo – Elecnor Deimos Imaging

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The Second Project Workshop, RECOMMENDATION MODELS AND DECISION SUPPORT TOOLS, was held in Pamplona, as part of the XIII th Ruena Meeting, on 27,28 and 29 May.


INTIA presented the project and sigAGROasesor’s decision support tools in the use of nitrogen as a crop fertiliser, to over 100 experts who came together at the Public University of Navarre on 27 May. The objectives of this project are to launch web GIS services for farmers, providing traceability and plot-level agricultural advice, incorporating the knowledge available on soil types, climate, farming, etc. into decision making. The decision support tool for nitrogen fertilisation is based on a nitrogen balance model which starts with mineral nitrogen (NMIN) at the beginning of the cultivation process and simulates the nitrogen leaching, mineralisation and extraction processes.
- Programme(.pdf 0.43 MB)
Tuesday 27 May
•  Strategies for controlling nitrate leaching in irrigation systems and its effect on efficiency: a comparative meta-analysis.Miguel Quemada (UPM) (.pdf 3.85 MB)
General presentation of the Life Nitrates project. Beatriz Preciado (INTIA) (.pdf 1.92 MB)
Water balances and nitrate leaching in an intensive irrigation farming ecosystem - Landazuría. Case study: Broccoli. Inmaculada Lahoz (INTIA) (.pdf 1.75 MB)
Lixim, a leaching and mineralisation model. Jesús Irañeta (INTIA) (.pdf 2.72 MB)
Results of the experiments in the area of efficient use of organic fertilisers. Luis Orcaray (INTIA) (.pdf 0.90 MB)
Simulation models for the evaluation of the effectiveness of Action Programmes in Vulnerable Areas of Navarre. Luis Sanz (GAN), Manuel Arce (Zeta Amaltea) (.pdf 5.16 MB)
General presentation of Life sigAGROasesor project. Ana PilarArmesto (INTIA) (.pdf 3.48 MB)
Decision support tool (DSS) for use of nitrogen crop fertilisation. JesúsGoñi (INTIA) (.pdf 1.36 MB)
Organic and mineral fertilisation recommendation strategies inextensive farming. LIFE+ Farms for the Future project. Francesc Domingo (IRTA) (.pdf 2.01 MB)
Inverse calibration of models for calculating nitrate leaching. José Luis Gabriel (UPM) (.pdf 0.3 MB)
Optical instruments. Joerg Jasper (YARA) (.pdf 3.1 MB)
Wednesday 28 May
Nitrogen fertilisation in twin-row corn planting. Ángel Maresma (University of Lleida) (.pdf 6 MB)
 • Effect of use of pig slurry on corn yield. Elías Martínez de la Cuesta (University of Lleida) (.pdf 3.44 MB)
Thursday 29 May
•  Current status of implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Europe and Spain. Miguel Ángel Marín (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Environment) (.pdf 6.29 MB)
Results of the Agricultural Experimental Basins Network of Navarre. Jokin del Valle (Department of Soils and Climatology. Government of Navarre) (.pdf 6.63 MB)
• Action plans and achievements. Javier Jiménez (Farming Service. Government of Navarre) (.pdf 0.49 MB)
Good practices proposed as a result of the Life Nitrates project. Alberto Lafarga (INTIA) (.pdf 1.4 MB)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the action programmes in Vulnerable Areas.Do we know if they are or will be effective? Luis Sanz (GANASA) (.pdf 3.63 MB)


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On 7 May, in collaboration with the School of Agronomic Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Arce Prize Foundation, AEMET organised a conference entitled "Meteorological and Phenological information in the sig AGROasesor aplication" in Madrid.


Meteorological and Phenological Information in the sigAGROasesor application Conference, held May 2014, in Madrid. The principal objectives ought was to provide the 60 professionals, technicians, and specialists that attended the session with a vision of the agricultural production decision support  tools which are either currently available or will be in the near future, on the subject of meteorology and phenology.


- Programme (.pdf 0.43 MB)
- “AEMET products on different timescales”.Antonio Mestre. Head of Climatology and Operational Applications Department. AEMET.(.PDF 3.45 MB)
SESSION I. Integration of meteorological and phenological information in sigAGROasesor
- “LIFE sigAGROasesor Project”. Ana PilarArmesto.INTIA. (.PDF 5.32 MB)
- “Meteorology (.PDF 5.5 MB) and Phenology (.PDF 5.5 MB )modules insigAGROasesor”.Gorka Landeras Sánchez. NEIKER.
- “Decision Support Tools for Watering”. HoracioLópezCórcoles. ITAP. (.PDF 4.97 MB)
- “Climatic risk maps”. Andrés Chazarra Bernabé. AEMET. (.PDF 2.12 MB)
SESSION II. Information for future developments and phenology databases
- “Processes for incorporating phenological information in databases”. Carlos Repiso and Elena Mosqueira . Plant Production Department: Crop Sciences. ETSIA.UPM. (.PDF 2.12 MB)
- “Spanish Network of Aerobiology and phenological information”. Carmen Galán Soldevilla. Spanish Network of Aerobiology. University of Cordoba. (.PDF 10.25 MB)
- “Fire Risk Prediction Index (FWI)”. Ramiro Romero Fresneda. AEMET.(.PDF 1.37 MB)
- “AEMET Water Balance”. M. Roser Botey Fullat. AEMET. (.PDF 2.97 MB)
- “Phenological processes in forest ecosystems subject to intense monitoring by the ICP-Forests network”.Ana de la Cruz Calleja.INIA.(.PDF 3.12 MB)


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Technical Conference GENUCE.sigAGROasesor platform, decision support tool for the control of foliar diseases, held on 23 and 24 April 2014, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).

On 23 and 24 April, IFAPA organised the second winter crops conference at which the extensive farming support platform, sigAGROasesor, was presented to some 800 sector professionals.

-Programme (.pdf 2.77 MB).
Extensive farming support platforms (sigAGROasesor). Decision support tool for the control of foliar diseases.
Patrocinio González Dugo. IFAPA (.pdf 2.03 MB)
Francisco Luis Muñoz Padilla. IFAPA.(.pdf 0.99 MB)


Photo gallery:




1 st Workshop for the "Public Systems of WEBGIS Agricultural Transfer in Spain" Project, held on 25 March 2014, at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environmet.
INTIA presented the sigAGROasesor platform in Madrid as part of a WEBGIS Services workshop organised with the collaboration of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA).
The workshop, attended by approximately 50 experts,sought to facilitate the exchanging of knowledge and the search for alliances and collaborations between public sector players involved in providing public services in the field of information and agricultural transfer via the WEB and in GIS support in Spain.
1. MAGRAMA Press Release
2. INTIA Press Release
Workshop Programme
SESSION I. Public Platforms for Transfer and Innovation.
o INIA. Manuel Láinez. Agricultural Research Platforms(.pdf 4.38 MB)
o MAGRAMA. Andrés de León. Spanish Agricultural Resource Evaluation Programme (.pdf 1.25 MB)
o MAGRAMA. Soledad Gómez.Public Knowledge and GIS Service Platforms.(.pdf 1.33 MB)


SESSION II.Web and GIS Service Platforms, more than information, a commitment to collaborative construction and interaction with users.Round Table moderated by José Abellán. MAGRAMA.Head of Studies and Publications Division,Technical Secretariat-General: 
o CHIL. Fernando Rubio. Professional Food, Agriculture and Environment Network (.pdf 0.90 MB)
oRuralCat. Josep M. Masses. GENCAT.Coordinator of Communication and Technology Promotion and Director of theRuralCat Community (.pdf 2.98 MB) 
oSERVIFAPA.Luis Pérez. IFAPA. (.pdf 0.92 MB)
o Lursail. Amaia Garrastazu. Hazi (.pdf 2.95 MB)
SESSION III.WEBGIS Services: Proposals from the sigAGROasesor Consortium.
o INTIA. Ana PilarArmesto. Key points of thesigAGROasesor proposal. Decision Support Tool, MAPAS, MODULES (.pdf 4.52 MB).
o AEMET. Mª Roser Botey. Adaptation of AEMET products for the sigAGROasesor application (.pdf 28.9 MB)
o ITAP. Horacio López. Practical watering programming with sigAGROasesor and its connections with the Irrigator Advice Services (.pdf 2.39 MB)


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2nd Technical Seminar for the Project held on 23rd January 2014 in Arkaute, organised by Neiker-Tecnalia.


On 23rd January 2014, Neiker-Tecnalia organised a Technical Seminar on "Sustainability Indicators in the Agricultural Sector" in Arkaute, which was attended by over 50 professionals from the sector.
Indicators should provide information that helps to improve the sustainability of agricultural processes is one of the main conclusions reached at the seminar. The aim of "sigAGROasesor" is to help farmers and their associations towards a more effective and sustainable use of their crops and production. It became clear at the seminar that cooperation between experts and users is a challenge that has been assumed by the sigAGROasesor team.


• Press release (.pdf 0,44 MB) 

• Programme (.pdf 0,14 MB)



sigAGROasesor Platform Catalogue of Sustainability Indicators:

- Indicator 1: Carbon Footprint (.pdf 0,91 MB)

- Indicator 2: Water Fooprintt. (.pdf 1 MB)

- Indicator 3: Nutrients Balance. Indicator 4: Energy Balance. Indicator 5: Fhytosanitary (1,41 MB)



  • Seminar Presentations:

o Rubén Carnerero. Director of IK-Ingenieria. Expert in Eco-design and Life Cycle Analysis. Life cycle analysis and environmental labelling in the agricultural sector.
o Assumció Anton. Researcher, Institute for Research and Technology in Food and Agriculture of Catalonia, IRTA. Life Cycle Analysis in the agricultural sector and conservation of soil and water resources. Opportunities and Limitations.
o Irache Roa Vicente (Director, TEDER Association) and Eva Ruiz Melo. Technician at the TEDER Association. EURENERS 3 Project: Calculation and verification of the carbon footprint of agricultural products throughout the value chain.
o Alejandro de Blas. Research Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks (CEIGRAM). Development of Sustainability Indicators for Spanish agriculture and livestock. Scaled to an exploitation and plot level.
o Olatz Unamunzaga. Technician in the Environmental Quality Department. Neiker-Tecnalia. Development of Sustainability Indicators in wine production, sugar beet and outdoor horticulture. LIFE AGROLCAManager Project.
o Jesús María Mangado/Paola Eguinoa. Technician at INTIA Navarra Institute of Agri-food Technology and Infrastructures. Analysis of the sustainability of the different systems of small ruminant dairy farms. Use of economic, social and environmental indicators. INIA Project.
o Ana Pilar Armesto. Technician at INTIA Navarra Institute of Agri-food Technology and Infrastructures. The contribution of decision-making support tools for the sustainability of extensive cereal systems. LIFE sigAGROasesor Project.
o Jordi Domingo. Project Coordinator at Fundación Global Nature. Expert in conservation, environmental management and agriculture. Development and use of the ACCT tool (AgriClimateChangeTool) to evaluate energy consumption, GHG emissions and the carbon balance.
o Oscar del Hierro. Environmental Quality Department Researcher. Neiker-Tecnalia. Development of Sustainability Indicators in extensive cereal systems. sigAGROasesor LIFE Project.
o Francesc Ferrer. CEO of Lab_FERRER. eFoodPrint: tool to calculate the Water Footprint, Carbon Footprint and Productivity Indicators in commercial agricultural plots..
o Saioa Ramos. AZTI-Tecnalia. SENSE - tool: On-line tool to calculate the environmental impact of industry and food impact of industry and food products.
Iker Mijangos. Researche. Ecology and Natural Resources Departement. Neiker-Tecnalia. Agro-ecosystems Helalth Cards. Conservation of the soil and plant biodiversity through the assessment of Field Indicators. SOILMONTANA LIFE Project.
o Elena Cores. CoTechnical Adviser. Directorate General for Agricultural Production and Markets. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and MedEnvironment. Contribution of the new PAC towards more sustainable agriculture.


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1st Open Doors Technical Seminar for the Project held on 4th June 2013


INTIA organised the open doors seminar on 4th June 2013 within the framework of the sigAGROasesor LIFE Project devoted to cereal crops. Around one hundred irrigation and non-irrigation farmers from different cooperatives in Navarra were able to resolve queries and exchange experiences with INTIA technicians whilst visiting the tests performed by the public entity..

• Press release (.pdf 0,24 MB)

• Programme (.pdf 0,35MB)
• Photo gallery:



Launch of the sigAGROasesor LIFE Project, 3rd October 2012 in Villava (Navarra)


The launch of the sigAGROasesor Life Project “Customised advanced GIS advisory tools for the sustainable management of crops” LIFE+11 ENV/ES/641, with European Community LIFE funding was held at the headquarters of the Navarra Institute of Agri-Food Technologies and Infrastructures, in Villava (Navarra) on 3rd October 2012. This public entity, under the Department for Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration, is the project coordinator. The State Meteorology Agency (AEMET), Albacete Provincial Agronomical Technical Institute (ITAP), NEIKER-Tecnalia, Fundació Mas Badia, and the Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fishery, Food and Ecological Production Research and Training (IFAPA) are also participating in the project development.


• Press release (.pdf 0,28 MB) 

• Photo gallery:

 Logo ITAP   logo ifapa pastilla transparente CAPyDR