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Press Release


Olite, 16 December 2015. Final seminar, presentation of the sigAGROasesor platform.

The Final Seminar is the last event in the 3 years of work, and serves to launch the sigAGROasesor webGIS platform of online services used as a Decision Support Tool (DST) om the agricultural sector.
The opening ceremony for the seminar involved interventions by Juan Manuel Intxaurrandieta, managing director of INTIA, Carlos Santamaría, director of the ITG division of that publicly-owned company and Alberto Lafarga, Head of the R&D and Experimentation Area of INTIA Carlos Santamaría, who welcomed attendees and highlighted INTIA’s commitment to innovation, specifically in this area of webGIS advice. Other speakers presented the platform in representation of all the bodies and partners involved in the project: ITAP (Albacete), NEIKER (Euskadi), IFAPA (Andalucía), Fundació Mas Badia (Cataluña) and AEMET. They all highlighted the importance of this kind of collaboration between public bodies within the Regions and the State Administration to develop new instruments at the service of development, innovation and the modernisation of Spanish agriculture.

Read full article here.

Madrid, 17 November 2015. Final seminar, presentation of the sigAGROasesor platform.

On November 17th the webGIS sigAGROasesor platform was presented in Madrid, a series of online services that act as a Decision Support Tool (DST for the agricultural sector and allow the development of precision agriculture, more sustainable from the environmental point of view and more profitable too. These services of technical support for agriculture were explained in the Final Seminar that put an end to the sigAGROasesor European project, which has been implemented in 5 Spanish Regions over 3 years.
It was held in the assembly room of MAGRAMA in Madrid and was attended by around 100 people from all the Spanish regions.

Read the full article here.

Madrid, 7 October 2015. Agrometeorology seminar and the sigAGROasesor project.

Last October 7th AEMET organised a technical seminar in its head office in Madrid on “Agrometeoreology and the sigAGROasesor project”. The aim was to provide the 60-or-so professionals and technicians from farms attending the seminar with a vision of development needs of new meteorological products, the meteorological information that AEMET currently feeds into the sigAGROasesor project and other meteorological products that are generated based on remote sensing data that will be able to be used in the near future in applications for the agricultural sector.

Read the full article here.

Navarra, May 2015. More than 160 farmers in the INTIA Open Day on the LIFE sigAGROasesor project, on cereal demonstrations.

Over a number of sessions at the end of May, more than 160 farmers from Navarra had the opportunity to visit the cereal demonstrations organised by the publicly-owned company INTIA.

The seminars are part of the LIFE sigAGROasesor project coordinated by INTIA, as these field visits are part of the validation and calibration procedures of the Decision Support Tools (DST) that are being incorporated into the sigAGROasesor platform.

Read the full article here

Albacete, 4 November 2014. Constantino Berruga presents the sigAGROasesor platform, a project approved and cofounded by the European Commission.

Constantino Berruga, Vice-president of the Provincial Administration of Albacete and managing director of the Provincial Agricultural Institute, inaugurated the seminar to present the webGIS sigAGROasesor platform, a European project that started in September 2012 and would end in December 2015.

It is a digital platform for the management of agricultural plots that provides the support tools necessary to decision-making, and it also offers a series of sustainability, economic and environmental indicators.

Read the full article here



21st October, 2014. INTIA begins to give training workshops of the new version of sigAGROasesor platform to cooperatives and farmers.


One of the main new features incorporated to this new version is the new web-bases solution for the register and control of daily information of each individual plot of the farm.

The new version of the V1 sigAGROasesor web platform is available from 1st October for the partner farmers and cooperatives belonging to the Pilot Schemes in Navarre of the LIFE sigAGROasesor project.

The application has been developed in the context of the european LIFE "sigAGROasesor" project, whose objective is to make a more effective and sustainable management of crops. It has been essential the collaboration of farmers and technicians from the cooperatives who are members of the Pilot Schemes in order to test and validate the platform with real data of their farms.

The new features incorporated into the new version were showed during the theoretical and practical workshops organised by INTIA in Navarre. They were held on 6th and 7th October in the tows of Burlada and Estella and more than 20 professionals from the agricultural sector attended the courses.

 It was released the Farming book, a tool with functionalities for each land plot, such as traceability, GIS visor for the plots, SIGPAC and cadastre, phytosanitary logbook, economic management, PAC reports, etc.... Read full article.




Pamplona, 30 May 2014. The XIII th Ruena Meeting, organised this year in Navarre by INTIA, brought together over 100 experts in Nitrogen Fertilisation in Intensive Irrigation Systems in Vulnerable Areas.

With the objective of putting science to work on social challenges in order to make the use of nitrogen possible whilst adhering to efficiency criteria (economical for the farmer) and water conservation criteria (particularly in vulnerable areas), on 27, 28 and 29 May over one hundred highly qualified experts with a high degree of scientific knowledge and representing both public and private organisations, came together to consider the dynamic of nitrogen as a crop fertiliser. Read full article.
Madrid, 8 May 2014. AEMET organises a conference on Meteorological and Phenological Information in the Life sigAGROasesor project application.

On 7 May, in collaboration with the School of Agronomic Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Arce Prize Foundation, AEMET organised a conference entitled “Meteorological and Phenological Information in the sigAGROasesor application” in Madrid. The principal objective sought was to provide the 60 professionals, technicians, and specialists that attended the session with a vision of the agricultural production decision support tools which are either currently available or will be in the near future, on the subject of meteorology and phenology. Read full article.



IFAPA presents the advice platform sigAGROasesor and the tool for controlling foliar diseases of soft and hard wheat as part of the second GENUCE conference.

The Andalusian Institute of Agricultural and Fishery Research and Training (IFAPA) of the Regional Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development held the second edition of the national winter crops conference in April in Jerez de la Frontera, which was attended by a total of 800 professionals from different autonomous regions. Read full article.
INTIA presents the sigAGROasesor platform in Madrid.
On 25 March, INTIA organised, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, a workshop on "Public Systems of WEBGIS Agricultural Transfer in Spain", in Madrid. The main objective was to facilitate the exchanging of knowledge for continuous improvement and to create alliances and collaborations between public sector players involved in providing public services in the field of information and agricultural transfer via the WEB and in GIS support in Spain. Read full article.

Madrid, 25 March 2014 - Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona advocates knowledge systems which enable innovation in the food and agriculture system and help producers to apply the best practices on farms.


Madrid, 25 March 2014 - Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona advocates knowledge systems which enable innovation in the food and agriculture system and help producers to apply the best practices on farms.
During the opening session of the workshop, thetechnical secretary-general of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, assessed the role of the GIS tools presented, the objective of which is to make specific information that is tailored to suit their particular circumstances available to farmers. Read full article.


Arkaute (Álava) on 27th January 2014. Indicators should provide information that helps to improve the sustainability of agricultural processes.


 This is one of the conclusions reached at the technical seminar held at the headquarters of Neiker-Tecnalia in Arkaute, which was attended by 50 agricultural technicians and producers. The event took place within the framework of the European ‘sigAGROasesor’ project, which seeks a more effective and sustainable use of crops. Read full article



One hundred farmers attended the INTIA Open Doors Seminar held on 4th June 2013


INTIA organised the open doors seminar on 4th June 2013 within the framework of the sigAGROasesor LIFE Project devoted to cereal crops. Around one hundred irrigation and non-irrigation farmers from different cooperatives in Navarra were able to resolve queries and exchange experiences with INTIA technicians whilst visiting the tests performed by the public entity. Read full article 



The Regional Government is working on a national project to improve the efficiency of extensive crop farmers. 


The Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment of the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the Andalusian Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and Training (Ifapa), is working with another four Spanish autonomous communities on a national transfer project called 'SigAgroAsesor', which aims to provide customised recommendations to farmers of extensive crops, mainly herbaceous, such as wheat,  to improve the  "efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness" of their activities "based on environmental and social  sustainability”. Read full article




INTIA organises the first seminar on the sigAGROasesor application  18th December 2012


The European SigAGROAsesor Project aims to develop and strengthen technical, economic and environmental services in the agricultural sector, and to offer a more competitive model for professional business management.  On 18th December, INTIA organised the first seminar on the sigAGROasesor application at the Orvalaiz Cooperative (Torres de Elorz). Read full article



INTIA presents the European sigAGROasesor Life project at two events of the European and national entity, held on 26th and 27th November 2012 


The public company, INTIA, as leader of the SigAGROasesor Life Project is responsible for raising awareness of this project at the National Environment Congress (CONAMA) and at the European Water R&D&I Meeting. The project was presented on 26th November 2013, under the title “Advanced GIS tools to provide customised recommendations for the sustainable management of extensive crops”, at the Eleventh National Environment Congress (CONAMA 2012) which was held in Madrid alongside the Ibero-American Meeting for Sustainable Development. In turn, it was presented on 27th November at the European Water R&D&I Meeting held in Pamplona, in the speech on innovation in the comprehensive management of water resources: Advanced GIS tools to provide customised recommendations for the sustainable management of extensive crops.Read full article



Launch of the sigAGROasesor LIFE Project held on 3rd October 2012 in Villava (Navarra)


The launch of the sigAGROasesor Life Project “Customised advanced GIS advisory tools for the sustainable management of crops” LIFE+11 ENV/ES/641, with European Community LIFE funding was held on 3rd October at INTIA. This public entity, under the Department for Rural Development, Environment and Local Administration, is the project coordinator. The State Meteorology Agency (AEMET), Albacete Provincial Agronomical Technical Institute (ITAP), NEIKER-Tecnalia, Fundació Mas Badia, and the Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fishery, Food and Ecological Production Research and Training (IFAPA) are also participating in the project development. Read full article

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