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sigAGROasesor platform


Modelling of crop cycles

The sigAGROasesor platform contains a PHENOLOGY model in the Decision Support Tools, allowing the modelling of the crop cycle during the season. The key points of this Phenology model are:
Visualisation of phenological states at the crop-plot level
Integration in the calculation engines of the DSTs that use phenology data.
Possibility of incorporating corrections, with real data taken by farmers in each plot (monitoring)
Characterisation of BBCG states at crop/variety level through heat summation
The phenology of crops is managed at crop level, defining the available states for each crop and the BBCG scales and the accumulated degrees to achieve each of these states.
This definition of degrees is general for all varieties, varieties of a particular crop and for any Agroclimatic Zone where they will be grown. Nevertheless, it is possible to fine tune these degrees of the states based on these three levels.
How to visualise the phenology of a crop: Calendar of Phenological States
The platform use can consult the phenology (forecast and real) of a crop on a plot through the Traceability module.
On entering the phenology calendar, the calendar data is the current date. The previous stages will have been estimated through heat summation on real season data of the station assigned for each CMU, and the later stages using the 7 days’ forecast plus the historical data for each station.
The calendar marks out the most important stages for each crop, and allows modifications (monitoring) to these BBCH stages to adapt the particular response of the crop in season.
This monitoring allows the correction of estimates made on the BBCH stages of the crop and a real follow-up of the season, e.g. one state that can be corrected is the date of sprouting of a crop after sowing, if this has not been done in seasoning due to a lack of humidity in the soil. These corrections can be made individually (by plot) or on a large scale, introducing the corrections in plot batches.


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