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sigAGROasesor platform


Geolocation and GIS visor for the plots

 One of the main advantages of the platform is the management by the user of the information from his/her farms at geographical and alphanumerical levels.

The implementation of a visor in the platform allows the management of geographical information at user level: remote sensing images, maps, and administrative layers. Its main function is to obtain and manage (graphically) the plots of users (farmers), CMU (Crop Management Unit), the unit to which the alphanumeric data refers. Sigpac, cadastre, climate, soils, actions, recommendations, reports, etc.
The reference basis to define a CMU is the administrative plot in Sigpac or the Cadastre, which the user obtains and can edit and personalise by using different tools present in the visor. This is one of the strong points of the system: the ability to edit geographic information online.
Through the visor the user can consult all information of interest: climate maps, risk maps, remote sensing images, soil maps, etc...


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