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sigAGROasesor platform


Decision Support Tools: DST

Professional advice at the Agricultural Plot Level


 The Decision Support Tools (DST) integrated in the platform provide guidance for farmers and facilitate decision-making processes in companies and cooperatives, based on the geo-referenced information provided in real time. They deploy all the existing data on each plot, ranging from soil variability, climate, management and the state of the crops to phytosanitary warnings and biotic and abiotic risks, incorporating these elements into the decision-making process.

The potential of the DST is to take the step from static technical (general) recommendations for crops to dynamic recommendations depending on the specific conditions of the season in progress, the situation of the crops and the historical record of the plot. To achieve this, it has been essential to implement meteorology and phenology models and integrate them into the calculation engines of the DSTs.


had variedades

VARIETIES DST: Incorporates existing knowledge in national networks for recommending varieties: GENVCE (Group for the Evaluation of New Extensive Crops Varieties in Spain).

had ferti

FERTILISATION DST: Performs the nutrient balance per plot, recommending the quantity and optimal moment of application during the season.

had riego 

IRRIGATION DST: Performs the water balance per plot and recommends the quantity and best time to irrigate.

had control

PEST CONTROL DST: Estimates the risk of the appearance of diseases per plot and offers information on authorised treatments.



SUMMARY BY CROP OF THE DSTs operational in version V3

had operativas


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