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Website accessibility

Website accessibility is an indication of how easily a site can be used, visited or accessed by users, particularly those with some form of physical or cognitive limitation, be it temporary or permanent, or with difficulties due to technological or cultural limitations.
This website has been designed and programmed following the guidelines indicated in W3C WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Drop-down menus have been avoided. It is also possible not to read menus in order to access the contents of each page more easily.

The visual text, called the anchor text, of all the links describes the destination of each link. This information is backed up with the TITLE attribute, which is used to describe the link in greater detail. Most sequential text-based screen readers (like JAWS , Lynx or Opera) permit a list of links to be extracted from a website. A descriptive link approach is therefore essential.

We do not use JavaScript links. You can find your way around the website with JavaScript disabled.

All the images on the website come with detailed descriptions. This is the information that sequential text-based browsers give users.

CSS style sheets
The contents have been separated from the visual presentation of the website using style sheets. Screen readers can then filter the contents in a natural manner.

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